WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE: If this is a marketing tactic. We have never heard of anything like it in Pakistan. Pictures of four identically skinned KIA automobiles went viral on social media recently.

Among South Korean automakers, KIA is the country’s No. 2 producer. Although, in the middle of the 1990s, KIA was introduced in Pakistan. But its decline was clear almost immediately. However, KIA has recently made a comeback in the market. So it’s reasonable to state that customers appreciate the cars made by South Korean automakers.

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The four KIAs were discovered driving around Karachi. Four cars total, two sedans, and two SUVs, all covered with the same skin that read, “WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE.”

As expected, the four wrapped cars have generated considerable interest online. With observers expressing their thoughts on what we may expect from KIA this time.

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Where Did You Get These Models?

The photographs on social media make it easy to tell each of the four cars apart. The “WE ARE UNSTOABPPLE” skin wrap was clever, but it made folks wonder what makes and models these cars were. How about we explain it to you?

The KIA Stinger is one such vehicle, easily recognized by its distinctively shaped front lights.
The other car has a tail light that gives it away as a KIA Cerato.
Based on its overall design, the KIA Sorento is a midsize SUV.
Last but not least, the KIA Niro is a compact SUV because of its size, shape, and taillight and side design.

When can we anticipate the release of these models?

Information gathered suggests that these four new KIA models will be introduced before the year 2021 ends. In comparison, Pakwheels has just introduced one of them, the KIA Sorento.

According to reports, KIA has already imported a small number of Complete Built-up Units (CBU) to Pakistan for testing purposes. These CBUs reportedly feature both the 2.4-liter and the 3.5-liter V6 engine options.

In addition to importing 46 CBUs initially, the business will begin domestic assembly of the midsize SUVs in Pakistan. That’s awesome! Local automakers will soon produce SUVs in Pakistan.

On the other hand, KIA is being extremely discreet about its final product line-up for the Pakistani market. However, we have faith that automakers will introduce a product suitable for the roads and topography of Pakistan and popular with its citizens. However, the KIA Sportage and Picanto were immediately well-received upon their introduction to the Pakistani market, so we are confident that the company’s future offerings will also be well-received.