Have you ever considered what may happen if Google suddenly stopped working? Probably, all of our online activities would end. Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, and Nest had significant disruptions for almost an hour on Monday, December 14. Its about Why did google go down.

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When our home network goes down, we usually reset the router and return online in a few minutes. But a simple reset wasn’t an option with Google, and it showed.

Individuals’ panic over the outage caused #YouTubeDOWN to trend on Twitter within minutes. Yes, emphasizing the lowercase letter “down” conveys the masses’ anger.

Users worldwide experienced problems accessing Google’s suite of online services. The news originally broke at about noon UTC (17:00 PKT).

What Was The Reason?

The tech giant took some time to figure out what caused the sudden disruption, and they weren’t the only ones confused. Now we have an answer, thanks to Google. While Google’s explanation—an “internal storage quota issue”—sounds straightforward, it turns out to be anything but.

According to a statement released by a Google spokeswoman, the company’s services were unavailable for 45 minutes because of an “authentication system outage” caused by a problem with the company’s internal storage quota. The Google representative explained the issue, saying the company’s internal tools for allocating enough storage to each authentication service had failed. The system crashed after reaching its storage capacity because it did not automatically free up extra space.

As an analogy, imagine that the hard disc drive in your computer has run out of space and your system has crashed. When the storage indication tool failed to acquire extra space, some Google services that rely on authentication to access Google’s servers were inaccessible.

What Were Its Impacts?

As a result, users could not access their files on Google Drive, and YouTube videos could not be streamed. The outage affected the functionality of smart gadgets that rely on Google Assistant. Examples include the temporary inoperability of Nest speakers, smart lights, smart light switches, and security cameras. Internet-connected services failed as a result of the intensity of the impact, forcing users to wait in the dark. Joe Brown tweeted that he was left in the dark by a malfunctioning Google Home system while waiting for help to fix it.

Why did google go down

Voice commands and the Google Assistant power Google Home, the first-generation smart speaker. One of the Google services that was temporarily unavailable today due to the outage was Google Assistant, which can be used with the speaker to control smart home devices like smart lights, fans, security cameras, and more. Due to the centrality of Assistants in managing smart devices, the outage also affected smart lighting.

This isn’t The First Time This Happened This Year

This is the fourth major Google outage of 2020. The first incident happened in July, but the most significant one happened on August 20 and rendered all of Google’s services unavailable for about six hours. Then, not long after, on November 11, YouTube, YouTube TV, Google Play, and Google TV experienced significant outages.

But don’t worry yourself silly over it. These failures don’t necessarily point to a major issue, and they probably weren’t brought on by any nefarious hacking or the like.

The likelihood of another major power outage like the last one is high. Unfortunately, most technological problems have an easy fix. This post is about the Why did google go down.