Google is Launching Its Own ChatGPT OpenAI’s AI-powered language processing model, by letting users interact directly with its advanced language models.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, recently talked about how the company plans to use AI. He talked about how Google has been a leader in technology for a long time, especially with its innovations in generative AI applications.

In the coming months, Google will launch LaMDA, an AI that can converse with users. Google has planne an event for February 8 that will be streame on YouTube. However, this event will show how AI affects search and how people interact with information. This event will help people learn more about how the tech giant plans to use AI.

Google is Launching Its Own ChatGPT

As LaMDA is about to be release to the public, there have been rumours that Microsoft, the tech giant, may add OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Bing Search and Teams. Because of this, Google has had to show how good its own AI is.

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Sundar said the company would be careful about adding AI to its products and services. It plans to release features slowly, considering how ready the market is and how people might feel about them.

Google’s decision to move forward with AI is likely to have a big effect. On the future of this quickly developing technology.