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The Animal Welfare Board of India has issued an appeal urging people to hug cows on Valentine’s Day. Saying that doing so will lead to “emotional richness” and “improve individual and societal pleasure.”

The organization has underlined how the cow is vital to life. However, represents livestock richness and biodiversity, and is the backbone of India’s rural economy and culture. Its generous character has earned it the names “kamdhenu” and “gaumata,” which can be translate as “mother of all wealth” and “provider of all nourishment,” respectively.

The rise of western civilization has put Vedic customs in danger of dying out. Although, in all the glitz and glamour of Western culture, we’ve almost completely neglected our physical traditions and histories.
Considering how the cow improves our lives, showing our appreciation by giving it a warm embrace would result in more personal and societal contentment. Keeping in mind the value of the mother cow and the wonderful impact she can have on our lives. February 14 can also be celebrate as Cow Hug Day by all those who share our affection for these majestic mammals. This was publish at the behest of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and the Marine Environment’s Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.

As soon as this story went viral, #CowHugDay trended in both Pakistan and India. And for once, people from both nations could come together and laugh at the absurdity of politics.