The term “choker” can be altered to produce the phrase “choke ‘er” due to where it is worn (around the neck). Furthermore, it was created to emphasize even the slenderest of feminine necks. Choker Necklace on a Winter Wedding

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The Indian choker set is a wonderful piece of jewelry that can be used as a foundation piece with western gowns and traditional Indian clothes. Feel beautiful and confident wearing this bauble to your wedding, sangeet, or other parties.

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Indian Choker Necklace on a Winter Wedding

We touched on how Indian gold choker necklaces are great for the sangeet and reception, but it’s important to emphasize that they are particularly well-suited for winter weddings.

Numerous advantages of a winter wedding are sometimes disregarded. The fresh air, the possibility of a gentle breeze, and most importantly, the freedom to experiment with your bridal look in terms of fabric, silhouette, and accessories. Having a selection of possibilities is as fun as it sounds now. The difficulty lies in finding ways to accessorize your jewelry without diminishing the shine of your valuables.

Try a gold necklace if you’re having trouble finding the right accessories to match your winter outfit. An Indian choker necklace, which fits closely around the neck, is a great way to add a dash of flair to your formal wear.

Winter Weddings with Indian Choker Necklace

Chokers are easily recognizable among other necklaces due to their narrow, distinguishing shape at the throat. For the same reason, a gold choker draws eyes, whether simple or over the top. Therefore, picking the right design is essential. You’ve decided on a necklace to complete your look, but there are still plenty of other factors to weigh.

What to Do and What Not to Do When Wearing an Indian Choker

High-necked tops are making a comeback, and a winter wedding is a perfect opportunity to try one out. Put on a classic Polki and Kundan necklace combination, and you’ll look lovely. Choose a piece with gems that beautifully contrast your outfit, or go for the timelessly chic combination of uncut diamonds and gold. The addition of the accessory will make the outfit stand out and be the finishing touch.

A thick gold choker necklace with cascading bits would look wonderful with your clothing if your neckline is lower than usual. Look dignified with opulent Pashminas. If you’re planning on wearing a pearl and diamond necklace to your engagement or wedding reception, you should do so. Select a diamond-studded or gold-temple choker set for a more modern look. This jewelry can be worn with various shawls, shrugs, and capes, so it is adaptable. It’s impossible to run out of possible choker-and-wedding-dress combinations this winter.

Coordination of colors and fabrics is vital because certain ethnic wear is already heavily adorned; a bulky necklace, for instance, may easily overpower the ensemble. Wearing a choker with clothing with a lot of embroidery or sequins is not recommended, but if you must, use stones in the same color family as the embroidery or sequins. It will make for a lovely synthesis of elements. Select a piece of clothing with a self-print or embroidery to achieve this effortless style.

The importance of proper layering:

The standard advice demonstrates the value of layering that an Indian choker necklace is worn over a longer one. The most common exploit is difficult to execute because of the many factors that must be considered. The necklaces you intend to layer with your statement choker should be the same metal. In addition, if the gemstones are all the same color, the finished product is more aesthetically beautiful. When there are varying time scales at play, it’s possible that hearing tones all over the place won’t be reassuring.

Contemporary versus conventional:

People’s mental images of Indian women tend to include sarees draped gently over the shoulders and this simultaneously subdued and edgy jewelry. But don’t automatically discount them just because their accents aren’t perfect! Lehengas and shararas can be made to look more lavish with the help of a gold choker with intricate detailing or cascading gems. They can be worn with or without a dupatta and won’t look too sloppy either way.

In conclusion

The choker is a great way to combine vintage and modern styles. Although donning a neckpiece may make you feel a little more imposing than usual, you can rest confident that you will always be the most stylish among your friends.

Follow these steps if you want to know how to wear a choker to a winter wedding.