Over the past few decades, dental techniques have made great strides. Unused dental technology like a computer-aided plan and 3D printing allow for more precise and affordable dental treatments. Implant surgery, which allows patients to replace permanently damaged or lost teeth, is one significant dental treatment that has gained popularity alongside the advancements. People typically try to find whatever way they can to accept cheap treatment that yet has good results over the long term. Dental implant surgery in Turkey.

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In Turkey, dental implant surgeries are among the most sought-after treatments due to their long track record of permanently solving various dental problems (chewing difficulties, pain, poor face aesthetics, etc.). In this online journal, you may find more information about dental care in Turkey and the various options available to you if you plan to travel to Turkey for dental work.

Aside from dentistry and implant services, the healthcare sector in Turkey is home to various popular therapies. One of the most sought-after procedures is hair transplant surgery. However, Patients traveling from other countries typically inquire about hair transplantation in Turkey.

Who can receive implant treatment?

Patients with fully developed jaws and faces (over 18) are candidates for implant treatment. X-rays ensure the jaw is healthy enough to support the implant before any procedure is started. Treatment for diabetics cannot begin until the disease is under control. Patients using blood-thinning medications must stop taking them before surgery or other medical procedures. After the proper treatment, patients with osteoporosis can have implant surgery.

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How is implant treatment performed?

Patients are given light sedation during implant surgery. Before the operation, you’ll need to get checked out thoroughly and have some x-rays taken. Measurements are taken of the jaw and any remaining teeth. Dental implants can be placed in one of two different ways. The implant is implanted, and a temporary cap is fastened in a one-stage process. The dental implant is implanted in the jaw, and then the gum is stitched around it to allow it to recover in a two-stage process. Finally, the prosthetic caps are fastened. Temporary bridges are used in both situations until the jaws heal; in the case of the lower jaw, this takes around three months, while the upper jaw takes about six months. Dental implants sometimes allow for the quick placement of new teeth. Dental implants allow patients to eat and smile with renewed self-assurance.

Gum recession and its treatment

This is called gingival recession, when the gums pull away from the tooth, exposing the root. It could be hereditary, or it could result from dental calculus, poor coatings, or vigorous and vigorous tooth brushing. Bad breath, bleeding gums during brushing, gum swelling, and gum redness are all signs of gingival recession. Loss of teeth can also result from gum recession.

Implant prices in Turkey

Regarding the most popular form of dental care in Turkey, implants, no firm pricing information is available. Dental implant costs are most affected by the patient’s oral health, the number of teeth that need to be replaced, and the implant brand that will be used. While all dental and oral implant brands serve the same purpose, comparing brands can be difficult because of variances in raw materials, durability, and the fact that many implant brands are manufactured in other countries. Contact our Turkish dentists for up-to-date pricing details and detailed responses to any inquiries you may have.