Dubai’s skyline is expected to change once more as the city relaunches Dubai Plans to Launch Flying Taxis by 2026. The capital of the United Arab Emirates has been announcing the introduction of flying taxi services since 2017.

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tweeted on Monday about the relaunch initiative. During the World Government Summit, Dubai expressed interest in a flying taxi by Joby Aviation in California.

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Dubai Plans to Launch Flying Taxis by 2026

According to Oliver Walker-Jones, a spokesman at Joby Aviation, we’re excited about the potential and are actively investigating the idea.

It’s still early in the proposal’s development because “we haven’t yet signed with any partners,” according to Ahmed Bahrozyan of the Roads and Transport Authority.

The price of a flying taxi “will be in the range of a limousine service in Dubai, probably somewhat higher,” claims Mr. Bahrozyan. The cost of limo services is approximately $3.25 (£2.68), more expensive than a taxi, which is a 30% premium.

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