Energy usage has always been a contentious topic because the electricity produced in our houses comes from finite resources that we have to pay for and will ultimately run out of if we don’t utilize it appropriately. In this post we discussed about Smart ways to save energy .

Everyone can play their bit in ensuring a more energy-efficient future for Pakistan and save on their bills. Pakistan’s per capita energy consumption was 239.9 kilowatt hours in 2015. However, this number can be greatly reduce by adopting energy efficiency measures. And cutting-edge technology from providers like Areebah Technologies.

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Keep the water heater on pilot or at a lower setting

Whether powered by gas or electricity, a water heater or geezer’s constant operation and the requirement to maintain the desired temperature can result in significant energy consumption. Depending on your water heater, you can reduce energy consumption by keeping it in the pilot setting or setting the thermostat to warm rather than hot. Adding an insulator layer can also make it more efficient, as it will keep the desired temperature for longer without using too much power.

Use energy-efficient LED bulbs

Lighting consumes a startling amount of energy in the home, no matter what wattage it is. It’s encouraging to see that traditional fluorescent bulbs and tube lights are being utilize less and less in newly-built homes. LED bulbs consume as much as 80% lower energy than fluorescent bulbs. However, thus they are the obvious choice. These lights can have a lifespan of three to twenty times that of standard light bulbs, provided you purchase them from a reputable retailer such as Areebah Technologies.

Turn lights off or get automate lighting systems

Always turn off the lights and fans when you leave a room. Leaving lights on throughout the house that aren’t being use is a waste of energy and can drive up your electricity bill if done frequently. Develop the practice of turning off devices whenever you leave a room, and encourage your loved ones to do the same to help ensure that future generations will enjoy a similar level of comfort.

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Update your appliances

Older appliances have antiquated technology and were not designe with energy efficiency in mind, so they consume a lot of power. Many of us still use the hulking appliances given to us by our parents, but the time may have come to upgrade.

Compressors, in particular, have improved greatly without significantly increasing their energy consumption due to manufacturers’ increased focus on energy efficiency in recent years.

Switch off and unplug chargers when not in use

A common mistake almost everyone makes is forgetting about chargers, even when plugged in. Turn off and unplug your chargers after you’re do using them. In the absence of a device, power is still being draw from the outlet, even when turne off and plugge in.

Use extension wires for appliances

According to some estimates, plugged-in appliances can waste up to 75% of their annual energy budget while they are not in use. This is an alarming number that has implications for both your utility bills and the planet.

Instead, you can use smart power strips to control the flow of electricity to each gadget individually. You’ll notice a drop in your energy cost and the energy you save.

Insulate your home

As this precaution necessitates careful preparation, it is strongly recommend that it be taken during the building process. Putting up double-paned windows and insulating the walls will help your home stay at a pleasant temperature for longer and reduce energy bills. Although this may be expensive initially, it will be well spent in the end.